For Your Journal: Join me

I’m starting my third year of creating writing prompts for Literary Mama‘s blog!  

The goal of my For Your Journal posts is simply to encourage LM readers to write. The prompts are always related to the family; past prompts have encouraged writing about friendship, games, geneology, marriage, pets, siblings, reunions, the news, and much more. My instructions are few:
  • Open a notebook and write for 10 minutes. 
  • Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation – just write. 
  • Then let the writing simmer and your mind wander for awhile. 

I hope you’ll join me at Literary Mama and use my prompts to recreate your family memories.  Subscribe to the blog here and the writing prompt will come to you! (For Your Journal posts three Tuesdays a month.) Or click on one of the links here on my blog (For Your Journal gadget, right column) — I try to update the links every month.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a character for your next short story or a theme for a narrative essay. Or maybe you’ll use the idea to create a special holiday card or photo album for someone in your family. However you decide to use your journal entry, I know you’ll enjoy re-reading it months–and years–down the road.

This week’s prompt invites you to recreate a conversation your child had with a grandparent. 

Grandma’s teapot isn’t the prettiest one in my collection, but it’s the one I choose every time my four-year-old daughter and I “take tea.”

Our parties are lavishly laid out on the floor of her bedroom, complete with cloth napkins and china plates. She sits with three strings of brightly colored beads around her neck, a jeweled tiara on her head, and Cinderella slippers on her feet. Her back straight, her pinkie finger extended, she begins our tea party with the regal elegance of Queen Victoria …

Read the rest of the prompt here.

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