One Word Resolution

I’ve participated in the wellness program offered by my husband’s employer for the past six years. The annual goal is to earn 10,000 points by tracking doctor’s appointments, eating habits, spiritual discipline, and physical activity; the benefit is a reduced health insurance premium.  The program was my incentive to start walking, but I don’t have any health or weight concerns that make exercise a necessity so I don’t necessarily walk for the exercise.

I walk to socialize. To listen to and laugh with a friend. To share a quiet moment with a child. To work through for-adult-ears-only issues with my husband.   Once a week, sometimes two, but seldom more than three times a week — and well below the wellness program’s recommended daily 60-minute walk, of which 50 minutes should be “brisk”. In other words, if I can’t find someone to join me, I’m more likely to open a book than lace up my tennis shoes.  

I don’t anticipate a huge change in my walk-for-exercise reasoning in 2013–friendship is an important part of a healthy lifestyle too–but walk is the right One Word Resolution for me because I tend to Run. As in hurry, get-r-done, check it off the list, and don’t be late.
My husband and kids tease that “Mom thinks we’re late if we’re not 10 minutes early,” and accuse me of not paying attention while they’re talking and of worrying about deadlines long before it’s necessary to.  In some instances, they’re right.
  • I hear but I don’t listen.  
  • I chew but I don’t taste.
  • I write but I don’t proofread.
  • I read but I miss the message, and I ignore the small print. 
  • I arrive at my destination but I don’t notice the flowers at the side of the road.

I’ve caught myself in each of these scenarios more times than I like to admit, not only with my family but with others — the “others” are just too polite to tell me.

So this year, I’ll walk.
And as I walk, I’ll pay attention.  I’ll savor the moment, the person, and the view.
I might even take a stroll.

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~ Questions from the One Word community
What do you want to focus on in 2013? Who do you want to be by the end of the year?

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  1. Hi Karna
    I like your word choice! I love to walk too and find myself having to be present and conscious of all the beauty that surrounds me, its so much more enjoyable that way! Happy New Year

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