Six Word Summer: It’s been raining …

Welcome to Six Word Summer.  

Once a week, I choose one highlight of my week and describe it in six words. That’s it — no other description or dialogue, no notes about setting or character, no universal message — I simply capture the memory. Sometime down the road, I’ll flesh out the details and recreate the experience in an essay. 

Wanna play?  Pick one moment from your week and describe it in six words. If you have  a blog, post a photo, your six words, and my Six Word Summer button. If you don’t have a blog, post your six words as a “Comment” below. Read more here.

1 thought on “Six Word Summer: It’s been raining …”

  1. I don't know if a flooded basement really qualifies as a "highlight," 🙂 but I love the idea of the six-word summer and am looking forward to reading more!

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