Thoughts on Motherhood

Brain, Child Magazine editors asked Literary Mama editors to contribute to their What Is Motherhood? blog series. Here’s my response to the universal question:  What does motherhood mean to you?

Storms and Sunsets

When you live in the Midwest, you mark time by wind chill and heat index and in inches of rain and snow. You consider road conditions before heading out to the basketball games, and you watch for lightning from the bleachers that surround the baseball diamonds and swimming pools.  You respect each of the four seasons, and you’re prepared—the trunk of your car is filled with boots, shovels, blankets, gloves, and umbrellas—because you know how quickly a calm evening can turn dangerous.

You weather the hailstorm, tornado, or blizzard and then you pick up the debris and rebuild what was destroyed. You begin a new day, but now, you appreciate the pinks and reds and oranges of the sunset, the brilliant blue of the noontime sky, and the sparkles of a clear night just a little bit more – and you remind yourself to make the most of each moment.

Human Pyramid Christmas 2013
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